Welcome to a New World of Wine!

There is a quiet revolution happening in the world of wine. Winegrowers in regions around the world are faced with the realities of changing climate and vineyard disease pressure that is forcing them to consider replacing long established wine grape varieties with others that are more suited to the challenges of modern viticulture. At the same time, consumers facing a sea of sameness are seeking out new and exciting wines made by winegrowers with passionate focus on sustainability and quality. Perhaps never before has the table been set more perfectly for the emergence of new grape varieties that can answer the needs of both winegrower and consumer. At Vineyard Innovations we are developing new wine grape varieties having resistance to extremes of climate and disease pressure that make them well suited to sustainable, organic and biodynamic viticultural practices. Exciting aromas and flavors in new combinations will pave the way for the emergence of iconic wines and will open the door to the exploration of new terroirs that are today unreachable using traditional grape varieties. Welcome to a New World of Wine!

Our Story


We founded Vineyard Innovations as the public face of a "great adventure" that began over twenty years ago around a shared love for wine discovered early in our married life. We began breeding wine grapes and founded Vineyard Innovations with the goal of developing new and exciting grape varieties that would allow us to make a lasting mark on the wine industry in our home region of Northeast Ohio. Our journey started in the backyard of our cul-de-sac lot of our home in Kent, Ohio where we developed several new grape varieties that became the foundation and inspiration of our future efforts. The space requirements for breeding grapevines quickly caught up with us so we took a leap of faith in 2010 by expanding our operation with the purchase of a vineyard property in Ohio's Grand River Valley AVA near Lake Erie, where you can find the highest concentration of wineries in the state. Today our GRV site is home to hundreds of unique grape varieties that exist nowhere else on Earth. Each new variety requires meticulous observation and care both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Every year we ferment small lots of experimental wine trying to tease out an understanding of the kind of wine each new variety wants to be. As we envision the future, we look forward to the construction of a one of a kind winery on our Grand River Valley site where it will be our pleasure to introduce you to some of the rarest wines in the world made with grapes that were born in the soil where they stand!

Aaron & Holly Puhala



Our Work & Passion


Our Values

We strive to run our business in the footsteps and guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We recognize the providential hand of our Heavenly Father in the establishment of Vineyard Innovations and we are thankful for the blessings that have been provided to our family and the privilege we have of working so closely with His wondrous creation!


Regional Collaboration

Vineyard Innovations is partnering with winegrowers who are passionate about making an impact in their region. Collaborators can gain access to proprietary wine grape varieties from Vineyard Innovations for vineyard trials. 

The benefits of new varietal development are many:

  • Improved disease resistance to support organic, sustainable and biodynamic viticulture

  • Novel aromatics and flavors to create new market opportunities

  • Improved color and chemistry for stylistic differentiation

  • Improved cold hardiness to prevent catastrophic loss and allow exploration of new terroirs!

If you are a winegrower with a desire to introduce new and exciting wines in your region using, we would be delighted to discuss how we could work together to advance your regional vision!


Winegrowers and wine-lovers, we want to hear from you! 

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