About Us

Management Team
Vineyard Innovations LLC is owned and operated by husband and wife team Aaron and Holly Puhala.  We have been making wine and growing grapes since 2000 and started breeding novel grape varieties in 2002.  We started Vineyard Innovations LLC to develop novel grape varieties in collaboration with innovative and visionary winegrowers looking to make a lasting mark in their region.

Grape Varietal Development
Vineyard Innovations LLC develops novel wine grape varietals utilizing traditional breeding methods.  Traditional grape breeding, or hybridization, involves cross-pollination wherein the pollen of the one variety is utilized to fertilize the flower of a second variety.  If such a "cross" is successful, the fruit will develop as normal and the seeds contained in the grapes will contain a genetic mixture that is 50% from the pollen donor and 50% from the fruiting plant.  The seeds from the fully ripened grapes are carefully prepared and planted.  The resulting seedlings are observed over several years for desired traits like disease resistance and cold hardiness.  Only the best plants are selected for continued evaluation for winemaking potential.  At Vineyard Innovations, we work closely with wine growers in diverse regions to develop novel grape varieties that meet their objectives and regional vision. 

Research Vineyard

From 2002 to 2010, our grape breeding efforts have been accomplished at our home in Kent, Ohio.  Our Kent home proved to be a truly challenging location both in terms of climate (we are in a VERY frost prone location) and space.  These shortcomings have been addressed through the acquisition of a 26 acre grape farm in Harpersfield, Ohio.  This Northeast Ohio site near Lake Erie in the Grand River Valley Appellation will be the new home of the Vineyard Innovations "Research Vineyard".  Initial breeding stock and select hybrids were planted at the Research Vineyard in 2011 in addition to about 200 seedlings from crosses made in 2010.

Our Values
We strive to run our business in the footsteps and guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We recognize the providential hand of our Heavenly Father in the establishment of Vineyard Innovations LLC and we are thankful for the blessings that have been provided to our family and the privilege we have of working so closely with His wondrous creation!